Memento is an elegant and graceful rug by Illulian that features a unique asymmetric pattern, flowing from the one end through to the center and almost disappearing at the other end. A reminiscence of placid natural elements moved by a slight breeze. The rug is knotted and carded by hand with 100% wool and natural silk, which makes its material extremely soft to touch


Himalayan wool, pure silk and vegetable colours are the essential elements that contribute to giving this carpet a sophisticated appearance; delicate chromatic details guarantee any environment an exclusive and elegant allure. Memento rug is completely customizable in terms of size and colour, in order to meet the specific needs of every international customers.


Modern, minimalist pattern, with motifs in keeping with the latest trends, characterize the Design Collection. Proposals inspired by art or nature and emphasized by the rich range of brilliant vegetal colors. Whether black or white, delicate hues or shocking colors, the chromatic appeal of these rugs is irresistible. An inexhaustible source of wonder, playing with texture to unleash pure creativity.


All Illulian’s rugs from the Design Collection can be produced in two quality levels: Platinum 120 and Gold 100. Platinum 120, the most exclusive line, is characterised by the use of top quality wool and silk and the extremely complex handcrafted process – with a stunning 180,000 knots/m2 – that creates highly scenographic sculpted effects. Gold 100 proposes rugs made from wool and silk, with a timeless charm and a density of 150,000 knots/m2.