Charm and luxury which are more and more minimalist and contemporary design oriented. The rich forms and the classic soul make way for a definitely modern style where what is essential is enhanced by refined materials and exceptional finishing, distinguished by a craftsmanship which is very proudly made in Italy.


This path started last year, and it achieves its target by means of a new concept, designed by Dainelli Studio for Formitalia, which will make its debut during the next edition of the Milan Furniture Fair.

Satin finished metals, natural stones, hides and refined fabrics peep out emerging from a context where design is characterised by extremely clean lines which are able to emphasize, now more than ever, that flawless manufacturing which has always distinguished, in Italy and worldwide, Formitalia production.

The selection ranges from metals with pale gold finishing with satin finish or titanium finishing with a glossy effect to marbles such as black Marquinia and Afyon up to natural stones such as white onyx; woods with the mahogany essence with a very natural effect or black open pore ash; Nappa leather, hides manually treated with aniline and exclusive fabrics, available in more than 50 colours.