In the era of sharing economy, in which we tend to share everything, from transport to homes, privacy and security become increasingly crucial issues: even the office environment, with the evolution of co-working, must provide solutions that guarantee privacy and tranquility


To meet this need, on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2018, Dieffebi presents in its Milanese showroom the new Echo Locker collection, the system of containers for personal but shared use, that allows not only to eliminate the typical box effect of this type of product, but also to integrate different aesthetic, technological and aggregation solutions, thanks to its innovative constructive and graphic concept.

Always very careful to take advantage of the innovative solutions made available by new technologies, Dieffebi has in fact applied a useful IoT locks system, which can be opened with a badge but also with mobile devices and has integrated a handy charge device to its lockers.


Thanks to the presence of a possible fissure to insert correspondence, magazines and parcels, Dieffebi containers can also be used in the absence of the user and ensure a high level of protection even in case of shared spaces and flexible times. The versatility and flexibility of Dieffebi lockers can be appreciated even in the case of remote work and smart working, thanks to their clean-cut design and the wide range of finishes that are perfect even for residential environments.


Primo Lockers and Trendline Silver collections, the lockable containers with a more traditional design, which allow to store documents, objects and personal accessories in total safety will be shown in the special set-up too. These modular lockers are available in different sizes and finishes that make them aesthetically pleasing and also suitable to be used to define and organize space not only in offices, but also in gyms, coffee bars, libraries, hotels and other environments.